Old Elora Mill Inn

Old Elora Mill Inn

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Photography by Jessica West.

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Still standing, the five-storey original Elora grist mill from the 1830s was a sawmill, a distillery and a flour mill over the subsequent years. In the 1970s, it became a luxury hotel, the Elora Mill Inn, but closed down in 2010. Plans were made to convert it to condominiums and a hotel by the new owners of the property, Pearle Hospitality. The company, originally called Landmark Group, also owns and operates other high-end facilities such as the Ancaster Inn and the Cambridge Mill. The project was stalled for years due to disagreements among the local population and environmentalists.

In June 2016 however, the owners' web site indicated that the facility would open in late 2017.A Toronto Sun news report in February 2017 provided additional specifics: "Elora Mill Inn and Spa, a $120 million project expected to bring a world class resort and 250 jobs to the area when it opens in Spring 2018. That is likely to happen since the Township's new Mayor, Kelly Linton, strongly favours the plan. "I'm, as mayor, really excited with the project ... one of the best to come along in years and the township is working diligently to help it along. Once that's in place, things are going to move along pretty quickly,"

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