Looking over Lovers Leap

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Photography by Jessica Deskur.
Print# LL00104

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It is called Lover's Leap to commemorate a legendary Indian princess, said to have leapt to her death here after her beloved had been killed in battle. The tale may have more to do with Victorian melodrama and attracting visitors than recalling First Nations' history! Standing at Lover's Leap and looking up the Grand, you have a view over The Cove. Lover's leap overlook and the Irvine Gorge. To access these locations, walk up the steep residential street (Price Street) that runs perpendicular to Mill St (downtown). Upon passing the stone fence (about 100-200m), look for the short dead end street leading off to the left. The trail to the these two sites starts at the end of this street. Stay to the left and you will eventually arrive at the Lover's Leap overlook, which provides a view of both the Grand (to your left) and Irvine (to your right) gorges. The main gorge is noticeably wider at this location, and is locally referred to as "The Cove". To find the Irvine Gorge access, return to the main trail, and walk along the gorge until you come to a staircase. Closed during the winter, this staircase leads to the bottom of the Irvine Creek gorge. Flows are typically very low here during the summer, and it is quite easy to walk along the gorge bottom (maximum water depth about 5-15cm). There are some very small caves that can be explored on the far side of this gorge. You can access the main gorge by walking downstream from this location. Your progress into the main gorge at this location is limited however, by higher water and the lack of a continuous dry rock ledge.

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